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Chantelle Haus.jpg

4 1/2 room apartment in Winkel

Dream apartment in the countryside

For rent


4 1/2 room apartment in the countryside

125 m" as of February 1, 2022

Monthly net rent CHF 2890.-

plus heating and additional costs  CHF 289.-

Plus 2 garage spaces at CHF 160.- each

Leibraechistrasse 10, 8185 Winkel  


ground plan

Chantelle Wohnzi 2.jpg
Chantelle Wohnzi.jpg
Chantelle Zimmer.jpg
Chantelle Zimmer 2.jpg
Chantelle Schlafzi.jpg
Chantelle Garten.jpg
Chantelle Haus.jpg
Chantell Kinderzi.jpg
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