Exzellenter Kundenservice

Die Wünsche unserer Kundschaft zu erfüllen oder gar zu übertreffen, ist unsere Firmenphilosophie. Mit Engagement erstellen wir individuell abgestimmte Lösungen für Betriebe oder Private und setzen sie mit Leidenschaft um.

Eine Unterscheidung zwischen grossen und kleinen Aufgaben kennen wir nicht. Jeder Auftrag wird stets mit Sorgfalt und Diskretion ausgeführt. Wir verfügen über ein ausgezeichnetes Netzwerk von fachlich ausgewiesenen Personen, von welchem unsere Kundschaft uneingeschränkt profitieren kann.




Better than a genie in a bottle: If you had one wish, what would you ask for? Money? Good health? World peace? As a matter of fact people generally want "more". More security, admiration, money, escape, pleasure, passion and on top of all more time. As mentioned in ForbesWomen a Harvard study, which was reported on by the Harvard Business Review, says the happiest people have more time and less money. According to new research instead of spending time to get money, truly happy people even spend money to get time. This is why my job gives me enormous satisfaction. I do not only offer services. With my services I offer the luxury of simply having enough time to do the things you want. I offer a better quality of life. People who have enough time are happier, less depressed, experience more joy, exercise more, eat better, are more productive, and are less likely to get divorced. Let me and my team be your genie in a bottle and let us do the things you don’t want to spend time on or when you need support. (Roberta Zeller)

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Founder / Owner

Managing Partner

Customer Relations

Marketing / Social Media

Customer and Lifestyle Manager
Private Assistant/Office Manager

Background in Art, Legal as well as

 Event- und Exhibition Management

Roberta Zeller
Olivier Darbre


Architekt ETH/SIA

Certified Board Member CAS-HSG

Family Office Manager
Real Estate Manager

Risk-, Crisis-, Security-Manager

  Management Consultant

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